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“Our Field of Dreams”
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Historically medically fragile children access more care than any other singular group of children. Often their care is fragmented, haphazard and by event rather than planned and preventive. These children, especially those in Deep South Florida, are limited by physician availability, poor mass transit access, cultural and language barriers.  The PATCHES Village is our response to the many needs of these children and  young adults.  Gaps in care, lack of pediatric specialists, decreased accessibility, cultural and language barriers can be addressed in a cost effective, quality environment that is beneficial not only to the children and young adults being served, but also the community, acute care settings, physicians and the many health care education programs training medical personnel in Miami Dade County. The PATCHES Village would consist of the following components at completion with priority given to the most critical and most utilized components being completed first:
  • PPEC (prescribed pediatric extended care or medical day care)

  • Pediatric Specialty Clinics

  • Pediatric Nursing Home

  • Young Adult Day Care with Skilled Nursing

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Pharmacy

  • Pediatric Home Health

  • Medical Group Home

  • Medical Charter School  

It is an exciting challenge to be the first to provide all these quality, cost saving services together for the medically complex children in our community.  When you help a child, you help the future.  The PATCHES Village, ‘our Field of Dreams’…..where miracles happen…. one pebble at a time!  

We need your help to continue making a difference.. Your support will help to make the village an attainable goal. Thank you.

Azona Kyle Smith, RN, BSN, CEO, Founder 
Joanie Ippolito, RN, BSN, Co-CEO, Founder 


The Steering Committee is a dedicated group of individuals who believe in the mission of PATCHES. They have joined together for the purpose of planning for advocacy, projects and future development of the ever changing needs of PATCHES PPEC.


Chair Maria Luisa Gonzalez Silva
Baptist Health South Florida 8820 Bird Road,
Suite 400 Coral Gables, Florida 33143

Ruth Baal
Retired Recruiting Coordinator for Miami’s Law Firm Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler,
Alhadeff & Sitterson 

Paul V. WIlson
Administrative Director Office of Labor Relations
Miami-Dade County Public Schools 1450 Northeast 2nd Avenue Miami, FL 33132

Larry Roth
The Keyes Co., Realtors
690 Homestead Blvd. Homestead, FL 33030

Cary Cohen
Vice Presiden
t Flagler Real Estate Services,
2855 S. LeJeune Road Coral Gables, FL 33134

Tom Fields
Retired, 53 Years Commercial Construction in South Florida 

Fernando Alain Nin
Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager, at Passageway Adult Mental Health. 2255 NW 10th Ave., Miami, FL 33127



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