The name PATCHES stands for Pediatric Alternative Treatment, Care, Housing & Evaluation Services, Inc.; while PPEC means Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care.

Our experience of serving children with medical needs have equipped us with the unique understanding that children are not just small adults. Children in non acute care settings have a number of distinctive

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care needs, such as growth and developmental issues, often complicated by their medical fragility.  Additionally, acute attention and monitoring is essential to sustaining the often narrow margin of safety when considering patient size and weight relative to pulmonary management, medication, and other medical needs.

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We realize that the self-esteem, self-confidence, and small triumphs of a child are often brought about by plenty of encouragement, hugs, and smiles.  We also provide onsite playground, and daily enrichment programs.  Our goal is to help each child reach his or her potential safely, in a fun-filled caring environment.

offers parents the peace of mind brought about by a program staffed by health care professionals who are expertly trained in the care of children with both sub-acute and chronic conditions. Our center is fully equipped and staffed to accommodate children who require the support of ventilators, tracheotomies, oxygen therapy, and feeding tubes, or who have other special medical needs.  Supportive therapies, respiratory care, educational programming, and door-to-door transportation are also available.

Fully licensed by the State of Florida, our well-rounded, expertly managed program benefits both children and families with the highest standards of pediatric specialized care.

What is a PPEC?

  • PATCHES PPEC provides up to 12 hours of nursing care Monday through Friday.

  • PATCHES is a State Licensed Healthcare Facility that cares for children ages birth to 21 years of age.

  • PATCHES provides a safe, cost effective, stimulating environment that is staffed by licensed pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists, licensed rehab therapists (OTPTST) and certified teachers.

About Us 3 Why choose PPEC?

  • PPEC is a safe, professional alternative to choose for your child’s nursing care.

  • PPEC has many pediatric health care professionals watching and caring for your child every day - all day.

  • PPEC provides a safe, nurturing, home like place for your child to thrive physically, socially, and developmentally.

  • PPEC is the most cost effective setting when compared to a hospital or home health care.

  • PPEC gives your child the opportunity to play and socialize with other children.

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