Current Openings

We require a Standard of Excellence from our employees as follows:

We honor and value each individual, preserve the dignity of each patient and protect privacy and confidentially.

Effective Communication
We keep our patients and fellow associates well informed by expressing a sincere, helpful attitude; listening carefully; being open to other points of view; welcoming and giving feedback.

We show consideration for the needs and feelings of others by appreciating the diversity of those we serve, focusing on others’ needs, acknowledging others’ concerns and demonstrating calm and patience.

We demonstrate quality in our work by taking initiative, being knowledgeable and accurate, developing our skills and knowledge, being punctual and prepared.

Exceeding Expectations
We respond to patient needs quickly and ensure follow-through, provide exceptional service (and then ask what else we can do), anticipate needs and offer assistance.

We serve everyone with kindness and care by acknowledging others; offering assistance to patients, families or visitors; using courteous language and behavior.

We focus on shared goals and act on opportunities to help others; share information and ideas for team improvement; contribute consistently and dependably as team members; acknowledge and value everyone’s contributions.

If you feel you meet these qualifications and are seeking employment we are looking for Pediatric experienced RN’s, LPN’s, Nursing Assistants, EMT’s, Respiratory Therapists, in our Florida City and Ft. Pierce centers.

Please fax your resume to:
Florida City (305) 242-8837
Ft. Pierce (772) 462-6634

Or email your resume to:


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