PATCHES is a place where children with complex medical needs are given culturally sensitive, compassionate nursing care regardless of the ability to pay. By providing best practice interventions our nurses and therapists help each child reach maximum health so they can develop, thrive and grow.

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Through delivery of professional and compassionate health care, we acknowledge the healing presence of God.


We believe in the dignity of people and strive to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. By caring for the littlest, weakest and sickest in our population we strive to improve the quality of our community. Furthermore, we believe all children:

• need love
• deserve a life free from pain
• are entitled to have more than just their basic needs met
• deserve to grow, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
• should be treated with dignity and respect
• need to be heard
• deserve to be happy!
• We understand the importance of excellence in pediatric skilled nursing

Luke: 9:48 - "Anyone who takes care of a little child like this is caring for me."


Our vision is to create an environment that fosters growth and development in both the staff and the families.  We strive to meet and exceed our goals in patient care, staff development and commitment to each community we are called to serve.















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